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Web Applications

Applications that run within a web browser are referred to as web applications versus applications that run locally from a computer. Web applications have become popular for many reasons including:

Convenience Improves Workforce Mobility

Web applications can be accessed at any time as long as a user has Internet access. This makes workers more productive while on the move or creates opportunities to find new ways to enable workers in the field to do their work better.

Cost Savings

Web applications require less IT support. The days of installing and maintaining software on every corporate computer in an office are gone; updates are made to applications running a server; and these updates are experienced by everyone when changes are released.

Compatibility Equals Speed

Developing and maintaining web applications functioning in the common web browsers is simpler than trying to do the same across multiple operating systems and device types.

Staff Are Productive More Quickly

Workers are familiar with browsing the internet. By creating applications that follow best practices for graphical interfaces in browsers training time is reduced to learn new systems. Web applications do have drawbacks with the primary issue being the inability to use applications when not connected to the internet. Sphinx InfoTech consults with you to determine if web applications make sense for your business on your next project. Our skilled development team has proven success developing web applications that enable businesses to operate more effectively and reduce IT costs. If you are considering developing a web application or would like more information if web applications make sense for you, please contact us.

Advantages of working with Sphinx InfoTech

  • Our collective knowledge and capabilities cannot be replicated with a few IT resources internally to develop a web application for your business
  • Cost-effective development
  • Implementation and post-implementation support 24/7 – 365 days/year