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Network Design, Implementation & Support

Sphinx InfoTech has provided turnkey network design; setup and implementation services for over 10 years to ensure business owners:
  • Make the right long term IT investment decisions to create a safe and reliable IT infrastructure
  • Save money on IT expenses
  • Keep employees productive
  • Have support when they need it 24x7x365
    Our networking services include:
Design & Planning
  • Analysis of current state of network including diagnostics to identify critical issues
  • Consulting to develop a strategic IT plan
  • Network design
  • Detailed network documentation
  • Project management to oversee implementation projects
  • Installation and configuration of network, servers, workstations and accessories (printers, wireless, scanners & more)
  • Server maintenance & monitoring
  • End-User technical support with helpline
  • Daily on-site or off-site backup monitoring
  • On-site Dispatch
Data Backup & Recovery
  • On-site and off-site server backup
  • On-site workstation backup
  • Regular files recovery (< less than 20 minutes)
  • Disaster recovery (1-2 days)
Sphinx InfoTech delivers a unique IT experience with the following characteristics:
  • We go unnoticed because you rarely experience business disruptions due to malfunctioning or poorly performing IT infrastructure
  • IT issues and investments are not a concern as your business grows because you have planned smartly for the future
  • Your business is functioning smoothly during crises such as floods while your competitors and neighboring businesses are scrambling to operate
  • You are never frustrated because you cannot receive technical support quickly if a problem arises
  • You do not experience the pain of data losses and privacy breaches
  • Your business applications do not conflict with your IT infrastructure
  • You look at your income statement each month and note your IT investments and ongoing support costs are reasonable, predictable and on budget
Whether you require a new network, want to upgrade or scale your existing network to as you grow, Sphinx InfoTech can help design and implement the right solution for you. Contact us for a complimentary consultation. 
    Advantages Working with Sphinx InfoTech
  • Save on IT costs whether you outsource some or all of your IT support
  • In-depth expertise assisting companies with multiple offices to design and implement multi-location network and hosting solutions
  • In-depth software experience ensures your network and IT infrastructure optimizes performance for core business applications
  • Support 24×7 – 365 days/year