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Multi-Location Network Design & Support

Do you have a distributed workforce with offices dispersed across the globe and/or employees working from home offices? You can connect multiple locations using a Wide Area Network (WAN) so employee receive access to a network that provides the same experience regardless of their location. A well designed multi-location network provides many business benefits:
  • Reduce IT hardware and software costs by:
    • Consolidating this infrastructure into a central system versus having redundant equipment, email servers and other software in each of your offices
  • Reduce time and costs to maintain centralized IT infrastructure including business systems, applications, databases so:
    • It’s easier to deploy changes
    • IT staff or contractors don’t need to be deployed to remote offices to trouble shoot problems
    • Training time is reduced
  • Improve productivity by ensuring your employees:
    • Are always synchronized with the latest information, customer records, accounts, files, email and business systems
    • Experience less downtime as IT staff can more easily maintain a single network environment versus multiple environments
  • Reduce risk by:
    • Ensuring every office has access to critical services such as disaster recovery
    • Ensuring all data is properly backed up in case of data loss
SphinxInfoTech helps you navigate the myriad of questions that need to be addressed to select the optimal multi-location network solutions including:
  • What technologies should be used?
  • Where and how should we store data?
  • How do we ensure maximum security?
  • How can we scale our network as we grow?
  • What are the best hosting solutions?
We will complete a thorough review of your network to understand current configurations, security, hardware, software, processes and policies and after diagnosing your current situation, will develop a plan and recommendations to modify your network and provide a migration plan to offers minimal disruptions while changes are implemented. Contact us for a complimentary consultation. We found a great article to provide more background on modernizing how you connect multiple offices. Click here to view the article.