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Legacy Applications Rewriting

Your company has grown successfully. And your investments in IT to date have created a competitive advantage in many ways. Maybe you have created more efficient systems cutting operational costs? Maybe you are delivering service and product features your competitors cannot match? Maybe you have been able to scale your business efficiently to capture market share? But while these legacy applications have helped you succeed, they can just as easily sink your company if you fail to invest at the right time to modernize your applications; and take advantage new and emerging technologies. Challenges faced by companies with outdated legacy systems include:
  • High Costs: Cost to maintain and expand applications and associated hardware to develop new functionality and features – maintaining legacy systems can often consume 75%+ of the capacity of your IT resources.
  • Finding Resources:  You require help you maintain legacy systems with outdated programming languages and these skills are hard to find.
  • Higher Risk: Incidences of system failures are higher with legacy applications  – this often exacerbated by lack of documentation.
  • User frustration and Reduced Productivity:  Using applications with old/poor interfaces and poor performance can frustrate employees and hamper their productivity.
  • Falling Behind Competitors: Inflexible legacy apps are hard to adapt limiting your ability to respond quickly to changing business conditions.
  • Missing Out on New Opportunities: Integrating new technologies for your organization due to lack of compatibility between legacy and new operating systems means you cannot take advantage of new technology.
Are you experiencing any of these frustrations due to your legacy systems? Sphinx InfoTech has a skilled development team with proven success rewriting legacy applications to overcome challenges they pose. Let us help you analyze your current applications, understand your future needs and help you envision a future with modernized applications. Contact us for more information.
    Advantages Working with Sphinx InfoTech
  • Our collective knowledge and capabilities cannot be replicated with a few IT resources internally
  • Cost-effective development
  • Implementation and post-implementation support 24×7 – 365 days/year
Past Work Technical Capabilities Sphinx InfoTech has primarily deliver projects in the following technology environments:
  •  We have upgraded applications in Paradox, AS/400, DOS, MS Access (PHP, .Net, Java)
  • OS specializations: UNIX, LINUX, Windows, MacOS
  • Database specializations: MySQL, Microsoft SWL, Oracle, Pervasive (DBII or SQL databases) – but also legacy databases such as AS/400
However with our existing team and ability to quickly access skilled, highly trained resources; we can create a team with programming capabilities in any language with capabilities in old and modern frameworks.