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Help Desk Outsourcing

IT issues, no matter how simple they seem, are a major source of frustration for employees. Help desks are essential to provide support for these individuals. Employees today are constantly connected, on the move and working with clients and partners across the globe. Around-the-clock help desk support is an essential part of doing business.

Sphinx InfoTech proudly offers an outsourced help desk solution you can count on. With a team distributed globally, we provide that 24/7 comfort with a guaranteed response time within 15 minutes.

Externally, our team also performs a vital customer service task when your clients need support accessing or using your systems.

While many companies create an in-house help desk, others look to outsource some or all of this function.

The reasons to do so are compelling:

Maximize Productivity: if your IT staff work traditional workdays, employees and clients can’t receive support outside these hours. Waiting until the next day doesn’t cut it. Our outsourced support solutions offer timely services to anyone, anywhere and at any time. Reduce Costs: Hiring full-time staff is expensive – you must cover overhead and provide perks, benefits and other costs. Outsourced services can be purchased at lower rates with fixed cost pricing per workstation and per server. Manage Resources: We handle all personnel issues – recruiting, training, managing and terminating staff. This removes the time, costs and stress for your HR department to manage these resources.

Improving Satisfaction:

We understand business owners dislike the unpredictability and high costs for IT support. So we offer an outstanding solution. Providing effective support at any time during the day, no matter where they work improves retention, maximizes long-term profitability and keeps everyone (employees and clients) happy. To learn more about how Sphinx InfoTech helpdesk solutions, please contact us.