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Desktop Applications

With the popularity of cloud-based applications and trend to run applications in the cloud, we find that some companies forget it can be advantageous to develop applications that run locally on your staff’s computers inside your office walls. Advantages include:
  • No Downtime Due to Internet Issues: Desktop applications do not rely on internet connectivity nor are they constrained by bandwidth considerations. Thus your employees can stay productive even if the internet is down or is slow if the network is congested.
  • Reduced Data Transfer Costs: Because data resides on local computers, data doesn’t need to be transferred between a desktop and your servers located in the cloud. For applications that rely on large amounts of data desktop applications may make sense.
  • More Secure & Private: Applications hosted on desktops inside your corporate network are much harder to be compromised by hackers. For companies conducting business in the US, storing data used by applications on desktops eliminates US governmental rights to access your data if it is stored on servers in the US due to the Patriot Act. Read more about the Patriot Act.
  • 100% Control Over User Experience: Because every aspect of the application can be customized (from the hardware, operating system and viewer) for a set of controlled variables – an optimal user experience can be created increasing employee productivity.
Desktop applications do have drawbacks with the primary issues being difficulty using the applications remotely and the challenges of deploying to large numbers of computers. Before every engagement Sphinx InfoTech consults with you to determine if a desktop application make sense for your business on your next project. Our skilled development team has proven success developing desktop applications that enable businesses to operate secure, reliable and efficient applications. If you are considering developing a desktop application or would like more information if a desktop application make sense for you, please contact us.  
Past Work  Advantages Working with Sphinx InfoTech
  • Our collective knowledge and capabilities cannot be replicated with a few IT resources internally to develop a desktop application for your business
  • Cost-effective development
  • Implementation and post-implementation support 24×7 – 365 days/year