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Who We Are

Sphinx InfoTech was established in 2002 in order to provide global companies the most efficient and cost effective customized technology services. Sphinx offers IT support based on the number of work stations in your company, no matter where they are located around the globe, and customized software based on the needs of your organization.

Why Outsource Your IT Needs?

We understand that your company needs to forge ahead as quickly and efficiently as possible. With today’s variety of technological options, having IT personnel on staff with such a broad base of knowledge can be expensive. Sphinx offers this broad range of expertise to your entire workforce, no matter the geological location, in order to make your team as agile and productive as possible.

This allows you to:

  • Focus on what you are good at.
  • Feel confident in your technology, knowing that it is growing with you at your pace
  • Trust that we will suggest, guide and develop the right systems to properly protect your intellectual property, your private information and your team’s productivity.
  • Reduce your operational costs by not having to hire expensive on staff IT support.


We recognize that our client’s success is based on their team being able to communicate, work and build relationships effectively using technology. These systems need to be built, maintained and updated quickly, efficiently and with minimal downtime. Our mission at Sphinx is to be an integral part of your trusted team, with customer service that exceeds your expectations.


To provide our clients the most efficient, productive and cost effective IT services and software development to our valued clients.


Our goal is to build your networks and software systems correctly from the beginning, so that your team is as efficient as you need them to be. Our team has a wide array of specialties so you know that whatever IT question arises, you will get your answer quickly and have your needs met properly, no matter what tools you are using.