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Business to Business Applications & Integration

    Forging tighter relationships between your clients, partners, suppliers and other stakeholders in your supply chain can create efficiencies, costs savings, increased loyalty and a competitive advantage. Business-to-business (B2B) applications and integrations are designed to facilitate the exchange of products, services, logic, data or information between businesses as opposed to between businesses and consumers.
    Historically this has been achieved through EDI and Value Added Networks (VAN’s). However, Internet technologies have created more cost effective and efficient methods to connect businesses. Being able to access web services such as those provided by Amazon and Google can reduce development cycles and hardware investments and produce more flexible applications. We have seen a shift toward web services replacing supply chain data exchange via standard EDI.
    Companies can now also utilize Software As A Service (SAAS) solutions that deliver functional applications that can be used as is or they can sometimes be customized to meet individual customer needs.
    Companies today are grappling with continuing to connect using legacy applications and protocols, migrating to web-based application to connect or finding hybrid solutions. This increasingly complex technical environment requires in-depth skills in legacy and emerging technologies to make good business and IT decisions
    Sphinx InfoTech helps companies achieve costs savings and operational efficiencies by designing and building smart applications and executing integration projects based on sound IT planning. If you are considering developing a B2B application or need assistance strategizing how to best integrate with your clients, partners and suppliers; please contact us to learn how our team can assist you.
Past Work Advantages Working with Sphinx InfoTech
  • One stop for your B2B application needs: our development team has in-depth expertise across many legacy, standard and emerging development languages and platforms
  • Our collective knowledge and capabilities cannot be replicated with a few IT resources internally to develop a B2B applications or execute B2B integration projects
  • Cost-effective development
  • Implementation and post-implementation support 24×7 – 365 days/year