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Our Team

Ibrahim Hamouda

Ibrahim applies his combined expertise in software development, network support and business development to lead the operations of Sphinx InfoTech services and solutions. A leader in providing networked solutions since the earliest days of commercial Internet service, Ibrahim has launched several successful Canadian technology businesses, including one of Calgary’s most successful independent Internet Service Provider. His international experience allows him to draw upon diverse technical expertise for any project or client from a global network of highly-skilled technologists and engineers. Ibrahim has been a Microsoft Certified Professional since 1998, and is also a leading edge developer of Linux-based enterprise software. He has engineered complete Linux systems for office, distribution and VOIP telephone services. He has experience working with numerous mini and mainframe operating systems and developing custom code for groupware applications such as Lotus Notes and ACT! Ibrahim Hamouda earned his B.Sc. in Mechanical Production Engineering from Ain Shams University in Cairo.

Kitty Wu

Kitty started with Sphinx since 2006, earning her degree in finance provided her with an outstanding performance in taking care of company financials, handling daily transactions, banking and invoicing.  Along with her financial experience, she shows a dedication and commitment in taking care of the daily operations tasks, making sure to fulfill our client requests and support issues as well as evaluating the performance and setting their skills and technical training plan.

Wael Mabrouk

Working in the Information Technology industry for more than 20 years.  His core experience is in the quality assurance where he worked for Microsoft for nearly 8 years in the QA for Microsoft core products.  He also worked as a CIO for an enterprise group located in Dubai with more than 25 companies in different sectors providing design, implementation and monitoring for companies processes and systems workflow.  His experience includes designing, implementing and auditing ISO 9001 for a software localization company which provides localization in more than 120 languages.  He has been with Sphinx since 2014 taking care of projects delivery, clients communications and satisfaction and setting company policies and processes.

Alex Racov

Alex joined the Sphinx team with his 10+ years of experience in Linux and Windows environments as Network and Systems administrator. He has extensive knowledge of implementing and supporting routing protocols; full understanding of the lifecycle of server and application support and excellent problem-solving skills. Alex earned his Bachelor degree in Computer Sciences from Moldova State University.

Kaz Suezawa

Kaz is CompTIA A+ Certified and has been a Network Technician at Sphinx Info Tech since 2014. Prior to joining the Sphinx team, he worked at a First Nations organization as an IT Specialist, attained to a set of technical support and customer relation skills.